Home Violence FAQs

household violenceFamily violence (sometimes called home violence) will be carried out by anyone you are in a home or shut relationship with. Domestic violence is an epidemic inflicted primarily on women by men all over the world, though men and women can be victimized in each heterosexual and same sex relationships Greater than 38 million American girls have been victims of domestic violence.

It might involve threats to harm you or your family, the abuse of pets to hurt you, threats to take your youngsters from you when you leave, destruction of objects vital to you, deprivation of money, sleep, or affection, harassment at work, name-calling, making enjoyable of you and other verbal abuse.

A variant on this theory is that violence is inherent in all social systems and folks with assets (financial, social contacts, prestige) use these to manage family members, while these without resort to violence and threats to perform this objective.

This discovering is in step with other research displaying that domestic violence toward pets each correlates with domestic violence towards humans, and can also be a instrument of home abuse — violent members of the family will threaten to harm or really harm a companion animal as a way of management and a form of emotional violence.